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I have a strong commitment to Alameda.  As a former Vice-Mayor and Councilmember, I advocated vigorously for open and transparent government while providing leadership on tough issues. I have a proven track record of listening, asking the difficult questions, and building partnerships to advance our shared vision for a safe, financially sustainable and environmentally-friendly community.

I was honored to serve on the Alameda City Council from 2006-2014 to help:

Deliver a strong financial foundation during economic recessionary times.

Forge partnerships to put our City on a sound footing in addressing the challenges of housing, transportation, economic and environmental sustainability. 

Ensure safe and strong neighborhoods, adding new parks, preserving open space to enhance our quality of life.

Throughout my tenures as president of the Alameda Hospital Board, Chair of the Alameda County Planning Commission and Vice-Mayor of Alameda,  I worked with my colleagues to secure funding and put in place programs that make Alameda a prosperous city to raise a family, live, work and play.  I cultivated alliances with our education, youth, business, historical preservation, and public safety communities to create good-paying green jobs, expanded economic development, and maintained the safety of our community.

I have stretched our hard-earned tax dollars in partnering with several organizations:

The East Bay Regional Park District and the Boys & Girls Club to build a new community center on the West end.

The Alameda Museum to preserve and maintain the historic Meyers House.

The Alameda Housing Authority to build: workforce housing at Park & Central Avenues, the Jack Capon Center for the Disabled, and 38 units of affordable housing at Shinsei Gardens.

While we are now in stronger economic times, Alameda still faces many challenges, including traffic congestion with job growth and the growing affordability gap that affects the socio-economic diversity of Alameda.  As President of the Alameda County Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus, we partnered with labor groups in support of the Fair Wage Act, to raise the minimum wage in the state.

I have a record of leading with compassion, principles, integrity and collaboration.  I have demonstrated to voters that my leadership record produces real results to help Alameda face these future challenges.

As a long-time resident of Alameda, Lena has served in leadership positions in the community:

Alameda City Council/Vice-Mayor

President, Alameda Health Care District Board of Directors

President of the Alameda League of Women Voters

President, Alameda County Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus

Chair, East Bay Asian Voter Education Consortium

Executive board, National Women’s Political Caucus

Boardmember, Save the Bay

Boardmember, Alameda Friends of the Park Foundation

She served on the Alameda City Council from 2006-2014.  In November 2006, she garnered the highest number of votes in that election to become Vice-Mayor.  She was re-elected in November 2010.  During her previous tenure on the City Council, Lena provided leadership on tough issues to improve the quality of life.

Navigating through the worst economic recession in our generation, she worked with her colleagues to support key city services:

Maintaining Public Safety 

Enhancing Public Library Services 

Retaining the Alameda Animal Shelter 

Funding Youth Sports 

Protecting Open Space at the Jean Sweeney Park and the Chuck Corica Golf Course 

Preserving Protect Historic Landmarks like the Meyers House

Leveraging funding from the state, she work to create 18 units of affordable housing for the disabled at the Jack Capon Villa, 62 units at Park Alameda and 38 units at Shinsei Gardens.

As the former president of the Alameda League of Women Voters and Alameda Hospital Board, Lena vigorously advocated for open and accessible government to insure that all voices in our community are heard in protecting community services.  In partnership with environmental, business, and community service groups, she advanced healthy, environmentally-friendly well-planned growth that is economically sustainable at Alameda Point.

Lena has also served as Alameda’s representative with the League of California Cities, and was elected to the Executive Board of the East Bay Division and as president of the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus of the League.  She also serves on the Environmental Quality Policy Committee and Water Task of the League.  She was Alameda’s representative on the Alameda County Waste Management Authority and Stopwaste.org, and chaired Alameda County’s first Energy Council.

In early 2000, Lena chaired the Alameda County Planning Commission, promoting sustainable land use practices through the Transportation Planning Element, transit-oriented housing and pedestrian/bicycle-friendly communities, and adopted the County’s Housing Element.

Lena is a licensed civil engineer in California and manages the water and power resources for the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), engaging in collaborative negotiations with other utility agencies and statewide organizations.  Lena represents EBMUD in several policy areas within the county, state and federal jurisdictions.

Lena was recognized by the California State Legislature as “Woman of the Year” for the 16th Assembly District in 2005 for her service and leadership in the community. She is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley and the holds a Bachelor of Science degree in civil/environmental engineering and a Masters degree in public administration.

Lena’s nieces and nephew

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